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"I write to find out what I'm talking about.” 

                                   ~ Edward Albee

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Semifinalist  The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center Playwrights Conference,

Women’s Work Playwriting Competition semi-finalist
Heiress Productions Playwriting Competition semi-finalist
 Finalist Orlando Shakespeare Festival
George Burns recounts the story of his life with the three people whom he loved the most, his wife Gracie, and his two best friends. But when the line between life and the stage start to blur will the show/life run away without him? This play with music goes through 100 years of love, struggle and regrets... with and without a vaudeville shine.

( Dramedy )

2 Men / 2 woman


 ~I want to give a special thanks to Joan Benny, Irving Fein, Jim Chamberlin & Laura Luff for their kindness and help with the project.


*This play is dedicated to Stacy





Best friends, Evie and Todd are on their way to their high school reunion. When they stop at a convenience store Todd worries Evie is attending the reunion for all the wrong reasons.



(30 mins running time)
1 Female / 1 Male

The onion first date one act
"The world is just a great big onion. And hate & fear are the spices that make it fly. And the only way to get rid of this great big onion.
Is to plant love seeds until it dies."


~ The Onion Song ~ As sung by Tammi Terrell & Marvin Gaye


Rachel and Jacob are best friends. What happens after they decide to be more? Can two best friends really have a "real" first date.



(15 mins running time)

1 Female / 1 Male

Published in The Louieville Review


Image by DDP


Can friends be roommates and not ruin their relationship? Kate and Dan break down the pros and cons of why they shouldn't or should be roommates? 


(10 mins running time)
1 Female / 1 Male

Image by Patrick Fore - Lauren Milberger writer

She Used
to Live

by Lauren Milberger

A private story about public people

She Used To Live Here Lauren Milberger new play

An out-of-town home, a ghost, and the memories that come with it. Sets the tale of a private story about famous people.



(2 hr  running time)
5 Female / 3 Male

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