If you're looking to hire me for your narrative podcast or audio play, VO, etc - I have an advanced setup due to producing my own podcasts from my Brooklyn apartment over the last five years.

  • Shure SM 58 Mic(s)

  • Pearstone Microphone cable (XLR & USB)

  • Pop-Filters / Mic Stands

  • Tascam DR-70D 6-Input / 4-Track  (also includes Multi-Track Field Recorder with Onboard Omni Microphones).

  • Felt-Right Squares & Installation Sound dampening 

  • Closet booth

  • Sound blocking curtains on all the windows.

  • Experience with, Skype, Zoom, Pamela & MP3 Recorder remote recording apps.

How does it sound? Check out my most recent interview below with Sarah Marshall of the "You're Wrong About" and "You Are Good" podcasts for my editing skills & to hear my at-home studio in action.