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"Laughter is the shortest path to the soul."  

                                   ~ Cristine Rose

Comedy & Censorship a history of arrests in Mrs Maisel Abrams books
a ligh pink book with darker poink circles, a picture of Midge Masiel in a pink coat looking at the camera,  and a diary clasp - the book says "The Magnificent, Magical, Maravelous Mrs Maisel the making of an iconic show, a pink sqaure says "Comedy and censorship a history of arrests in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel by Lauren Milberger
Essay Double Act: George Burns and Gracie Allen published by The New England Vintage Film Society as part of the book Playbills To Photoplays

The Men in Cary Grant’s Life 

her take on what’s missing from the miniseries Archie, about the life of Cary Grant….

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