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Knowledge + Encouragement + Talent = Career

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As artists, we want to believe a career in show business is based on talent alone. Except there is a reason it’s called show… business. What  career coaching does is teach you the skills you need maneuver the industry so that your talent gets noticed. We first start off with a one-hour session to get to know each other. The personal touch not only crafts a game plan that works best for you but for the talent you have to offer. Don’t sit around expecting the opportunities to come to you, learn how to get the opportunities.


Check out our packages & Testimonials below.

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You : {Lauren} were actually right on the money. I've gone in for Avy Kaufman several times, I've been doing classes with CDs (targeting the NY shows right for me) and have been called in several times….got cast as a series regular on a new web series and my NEW {signed while working together} manager loves my website.” 

~Manny Urena

"Lauren's positivity, knowledge and focus is the perfect combination
for those needing help in managing the business part of the acting life."

~Laura Gourdine

"Lauren is very honest and tells it like it is.  Her advice is spot on and if you are wise enough to take it , you will benefit greatly."  ~  Terri Bonica Matassov


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Basic Career Coaching Package (6 months)  $475

Based on your 5-year, 1-year and 6-month career goals you will be presented with a timeline of smaller goals we will be working on together. The operative word is: Focus


  • Two in person or Skype/Facetime,  etc meetings a month - One Hour Each.


  • Once-a-month check ins/reminders by email.


  • Monthly newsletter of important business facts, industry knowledge and motivational inspiration from podcasts to books to inspiring quotes.


  • Help in Organizing: Your day to day activities and actions you can take toward your career to your casting director relationships and how to make them – including my personal relationship database template.


  • Putting together a Casting Director  target list based on your type, etc.


  • Putting together marketing materials: headshots, resume, etc.


  • Positive encouragement and motivation skills.


  • Getting your marketing materials up to industry standard from resume formatting, to reel advice, to headshot evaluation.


  • Tricks to get auditions beyond what is being offered - creating opportunities based on your skills.


Retainer Coaching Package (12 months)  $1150

  • Includes all of the above.


  • Up to once a week in person/ skype/facetime, etc meetings - one hour each.


  • Access to Casting Director’s  contact info to update your contact list.


  • Physical organization of your “paperwork” -literal and electronic, aka putting together your casting director relationship lists into our database template for you –  Getting that started and then filling in missing info. The goal being for you to learn this yourself.


  • Class recommendations – doing the legwork for you.


  • Complex email access: Unlike the basic package I can answer more in-depth questions through email.



One Session Coaching  $50 an hour

  • Together for 1 hour, we work on whatever career-related topic you would like to work on.  Resume, podcasting tutorial, casting director focus, strategy, you pick!



Inquire about payment plans & referral discounts.


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