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 Podcast Spoilers!

Episode 1: Sorkin Ball: The Characters of Aaron Sorkin

PART 1: The Game

PART 2: The Final Round
& Series Pitch


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Game on, Boyfriend! Shoe Money tonight! Yes, it’s the Aaron Sorkin TV Fantasy Draft. Join host Lauren Milberger (Murphy Brown Podcast) and Panelists Frankie J. Alvarez (HBO's Looking), Samantha Northart (Pup Pals) and Justin Liebergen (Vash & Justin) as they each draft their fantasy Aaron Sorkin team from The West Wing, Sports Night, Newsroom and Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip. As well as share stories about the actors, compete against each other, and pitch their own series.

Part 1: The Game!

Part 2: Final Round & Series Pitch!

Teams Below
Warning Spoilers!

Lauren's Team

CJ Cregg & Gang Solve Crimes

Murder She Wrote meets The Thin Man meets Lou Grant

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Series Regulars

CJ Cregg played by Allison Janney (WW)

Toby Ziegler played by Richard Schiff (WW)

Will McAvoy played by Jeff Daniels (NR)

Jeremy Goodman played by Jeremy Goodman (SN)

Issac Jaffe played by Robert Guillaume (SN)

*Sharon played by Elizabeth Marvel (NR)


Danny Concannon played by Timothy Busfield  (WW)

SG Dr. Millicent Griffith played by Mary Kay Place (WW)

Margaret Hooper played by NiCole Robinson (WW)

Amy Gardner played by Mary Louise Parker (WW)

Zoey Bartlet played un Elizabeth Moss (WW)


Guest Stars

Joe played by Stephen Tobolowsky (S60)

Eli Weinraub played by Eli Wallach (S60)

Lionel Tribbey played by John Larroquette (WW)

"The Cregg Files"

Samantha's Team

Sam pi
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Danny Tripp & Leo mold young minds while teaching them to sing & dance

Glee meets Dead Poerty Society meets Fame: The TV Series

Series Regulars

Charlie Young played by Dule Hill (WW)

Danny Tripp played by Bradley Whitford (S60)

Leo McGarry played by John Spencer (WW)

Dan Rydell played by Josh Charles (SN)

Sloan Sabbith played by Olivia Munn (NR)

*Jordan McTeer played by Amanda Peet (S60)


Ansley Hayes played by Emily Procter (WW)

Bobbi Bernstein played by Lisa Edelson (SN)

Elise Snuffin played by Danica McKellar (WW)

Ryan Pierce played by Jesse Bradford  (WW)



Guest Stars

Jerry played by Nick Offerman (WW)

Blair  played by Donna Murphy (S60)

Sherri Wexler played by Mary Mara (WW)

Tyler played by John Gallagar Jr (WW)


Frankie's Team

What if President Bartlet & President Santos ran a theatre company & not a country?

An America Slings & Arrows meets Midsummer Nights Dream

meets maybe the shower scene in Dallas


Series Regulars

Pres. Jed Bartlet played by Martin Sheen (WW)

Pres. Matt Santos played by Jimmy Smits (WW)

Harriet Hayes  played by Sarah Paulson (S60)

Abby Bartlet played by Stockard Channing (WW)

Annabeth Schott played by Kristen Chenowith (WW)

Natalie Hurley played by Sabrina Lloyd (SN) 

*Neal Sampat played by Dev Patel (NR)


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Connie Tate played by Connie Briton (WW)

Lord John Marbury played by Roger Rees (WW)

Solomon Hancock played by

Stephen McKinley Henderson (NR)


Guest Star

Allison Janney played by herself (S60)

Kaylee played by Natalie Morales (NR)

*Lewis Rothchild played by Michael J. Fox

(The American President)

"Speak the Speech"

Justin's Team

What if everyone in the world had a look-a-like?

Doppelganger meets Stephen King meets well, Aaron Sorkin.

Justin L.jpg

Series Regulars

Josh Lyman played by Bradley Whitford (WW)

Donna Moss played by Janey Maloney (WW)

Jim Harper played by John Gallagar Jr (NR)


Matt Albie played by Matthew Perry (S60)

Dana Whitaker played by Felicity Huffman (SN)


Mike Casper played by Clark Cregg (WW)

Calvin Trager played by Clark Cregg (SN)

Joe Quincy played by Matthew Perry (WW)

*The Winklevoss Twins played by Armie Hammer 

(The Social Network)


Guest Stars

Ann Stark played by Felicity Huffman (WW)

Loney Price played by Terry Crews (NR)

Monica Brazelton played by Janey Maloney (WW)

Molly O'Conner played by Kimberly Bigsby (WW)

"Double Life"

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